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Expandio Leadership offers a wide range of leadership programs, coaching and business development.

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Leadership Development

Expandio offers Leadership Development programs for CEO’s, Company owners, Chairman of the Board, and managers at various levels, in operations in the private and public sector. The programs are based on the participants' own everyday lives and activities and include topics such as board work, development and implementation of the company's business plan, strategies and goals. Work with change in mind, corporate culture and brand, a coaching approach, communication and understanding oneself and others.

Clear Leadership - for you who want to take the lead!

Clear Leadership is an international concept that increases your efficiency as a leader by giving you the tools to deal with misunder-standings and the spread of rumors. You will learn to build real motivation and commit-ment among employees, develop coopera-tion in groups and openly discuss both successes and mistakes in order to learn from each other. 

Do you want to be a present & authentic leader?

Relaxed and intense at the same time. Clear and listening. Be clear about what you yourself want, with the ability to set boundaries. Skilled in helping employees to connect with their inner ability, initiative and responsibility.

Leadership program, individual coaching or support in your regular everyday life - you choose the way.

Develop your ability to lead yourself, lead others and lead the business.

Why work with Expandio?

Expandio offers consulting in leadership and organization and has 18 years of experience. We work with innovative methods in management and organizational development to stimulate you and your team to both feel and perform better!

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Business Development

Each business has its unique challenges and conditions. Systemic consulting is Expandio's main area and we often work on long-term assignments that extend over several years. Working as a process consultant means that we design your development work together with you and set goals and purpose for our efforts. 

Management Team Development

Make agreements about where you are going and what your starting position is. Both in terms of the business and you as a management team. Deepen relationships and become clearer with each other with thought models, values and attitudes. Create a plan for the change you want to drive in the management team and / or in the organization. Also get tools for more flexible meetings and better follow-ups. Focus on how you can learn more in your interaction and become more and more wise.

Group, Communication, Culture & Strategy

Behöver ni implementera en befintlig värdegrund eller strategi, eller kanske utveckla en helt ny? Kan kommunikation och bemötande utvecklas för bättre arbetstillfredsställelse och resultat? Skulle ni kunna göra på nya sätt för att alla ska komma ännu bättre till sin rätt?

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Ensure the company's social responsibility

ISO 26000 is a guiding standard for corporate social responsibility. It contains a self-declaration that the organization itself can work through. To get external feedback on the report, an auditor can then verify the report and it can then be used as part of the sustainability report. The standard is jointly developed by representatives from over 100 countries and is established as a national standard in 80 countries. In the spring of 2021, Camilla trained as a Certified Impact Auditor in ISO 26000.

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Tailor-made Programs

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At Expandio, we also develop tailor-made programs to completely match your and the company's needs. After more than 20 years as an organizational consultant, there is a great amplitude and experience in a variety of areas.

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