Clear Leadership

Clear Leadership

With an appreciative approach, we coach, train and lead development processes in organizations in management groups, CEO groups and in working groups. The course-language is Swedish.

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The program for you who wants to take the lead!

Clear Leadership increases your effectiveness as a leader by giving you the tools to deal with misunderstandings and the spread of rumors. You will learn to build real motivation and commitment among employees, develop cooperation in groups and openly discuss both successes and mistakes in order to learn from each other.

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Take a look at these clips from Expandio about what Clear Leadership means and what you can work with or talk about during the training. (in swedish)

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Clear Leadership is a leadership development program based on experiential learning. The participants train their skills together under the guidance and coaching of Camilla as an instructor for 4 days.

IRL or Online with a high degree of inclusion and activity (maximum of 8 participants)

Upcoming Program Opportunities

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    • Group 46, 4-5 maj + 1-2 juni, at
      Ronneby Brunn
      (In swedish)
    • Group 47, the autumn 2023

    Content & Prices

    Program fee: SEK 21,300.

    Material cost: SEK 2,700 (theory book, workbook, templates and digital classroom with pictures and video lessons)

    Cost of living: from SEK 6,500. We book hotel rooms for the participants for both two-day boarding schools, VAT will be added. (Online course does not include this cost)

    VAT will be added

    What else is included in the fee?

    A login to the digital classroom that gives you:

    Pre - support in preparation

    Under - supports that you train in everyday life between the occasions

    After - access to coaching so you can do what you have undertaken

    Access to in-depth material and options on a material called Clear Partnership, for implementation in your organization.

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    "Clear leadership has given me increased security and confidence in my ability to initiate and lead conversations and learn from my own and others' experiences, even in issues that can be difficult. I see solutions faster and it has increased my learning, my performance and gives more time and energy to value-creating activities."

    - Martina Bruzelius

    Vasa Museum

    “Clear leadership has given me an even clearer language, an increased awareness of my own leadership and models and tools for, for example, conducting learning conversations in tough situations. "

    - Eva Pettersson

    Blekinge Institute of Technology

    "Clear Leadership is fantastic, it provides insights, training and tools, which brings clarity to many situations in leadership and communication. Part of the content that I have daily use for, is the importance of making clear agreements and creating sustainable partnerships."

    - Åsa Möller
    Site Manager, Sandvik

    Tailor-made Programs

    At Expandio, we also design programs to completely match your and the company's needs. Expandio has solid experience of creating programs for both the private and public sectors in various industries. The scope can vary from a few days with individual participants to large training efforts over a long period of time.