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Do you want to be really good at reaching out to others and helping them reach you? Read "Samtal Som Når Hela Vägen Fram" and sharpen your skills in communication. (Book’s language is Swedish)

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"Samtal Som Når Hela Vägen Fram is a very interesting book for those who want to improve their communication skills, regardless of whether it is private life or working life. [...} With this book, the process becomes a lot easier."

-   Nabil,

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"Reading is like bathing the soul in knowledge.

I have loved reading since childhood. As an adult, it is mostly non-fiction, but fiction is also fantastic. Audiobooks are addictive. Feel free to comment on my book tips and feel free to send me your tips!"

-   Camilla Rüdén

My Reading tips:

  • Book tips come with time. Hold on!